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The Science of Nature

Herbal Solution For Thinning and Damaged Hair

B’IOTA Botanical Laboratories, the leading and trusted expert in herbal hair- and skin-care solutions, is committed marrying science with nature to create clinically tested, quality products that deliver on their promise to provide head-to-toe beauty solutions.  Our leading scientistsand dermatologists are dedicated to researching and creating formulas that promote health, wellness and well being.  In fact, the University of Pavia, in Italy, conducted a double blind, placebo-controlled study of 120 participants to determine the efficacy of B’IOTA BOTANICALS Herbal Shampoo and Advanced Herbal Serum with Herbal Complex BIOXSINE.  Participants’ results were obtained every month over a six-month period.

At the end of the 6-month study, more than 97% percent of study participants said their hair grew faster.  And, many had noticeable improvement after only one month.
Over 83% of study participants using B’IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo and Advanced Herbal Serum noticed hair grew healthier, thicker and more densely than before!
Results were markedly higher when B’IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Herbal Serum was used in conjunction with B’IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo.
The study participants’ observations were corroborated by and reflected in the quantitative results of the study.
B’IOTA BOTANICALS’ secret is in our exclusive ingredient Herbal Complex BIOXSINE - a unique, proprietary blend researched and developed over four years by the scientists at B’IOTA Botanical Laboratories.
Herbal complex BIOXSINE is a clinically tested combination of herbal extracts that works directly at the root of hair and nourishes the scalp to encourage stronger, thicker and fuller hair.
Herbal complex BIOXSINE is a clinically tested combination that includes vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that works, in part, by nourishing the scalp. 
B’IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo and Advanced Herbal Serum are herbal-based, dermatologist-tested products that have been clinically tested and shown to reduce hair fall due to damage and help hair to grow faster, thicker and fuller.
Of course, everyone’s hair is different, so results can vary. Because of how we affect the hair, some customers may begin to notice a difference after the very first month. However, their desired result may take a few months depending on the thickness and density of their own, unique hair.
For faster and optimal results, it is best to use both B’IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo and Advanced Serum together.