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B'IOTA BOTANICALS with herbal complex BIOXSINE

B'IOTA products for thinning-damaged hair contain a breakthrough combination of ingredients we call herbal complex BIOXSINE, the result of five years of research and development from the scientists at B’IOTA International.

Regular and continued use revitalizes the appearance of hair and provides

• Promotes Stronger

• Nourishes Healthier

• Encourages Thicker & Fuller looking hair


BIOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo and Advanced Serum FOR THINNING-DAMAGED HAIR with herbal complex BIOXSINE:

• Dermatologist-tested formula

• Revitalizes hair and increases appearance of thicker and fuller looking hair

• Strengthens current hair

• Created with extracts found in nature

• Perfect for both women & men

• Safe for color-treated hair

• Non-toxic with no known side effects


BIOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo for Thinning-Damaged Hair

Available in three formulas for every type of hair: Normal/Dry, Dandruff Control, Oily

Directions for Use:

Apply Herbal Shampoo for thinning-damaged hair to wet hair. Gently massage into the scalp for 1 ½ -to-2 minutes. Rinse  well. Repeat if desired. For best results, use daily, and use in conjunction with B’IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Herbal Serum.


B'IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Serum for Thinning-Damaged Hair

Apply B’IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Herbal Serum for Thinning-Damaged Hair to the entire scalp daily. Our B’IOTA BOTANICALS  advanced Herbal Serum is so gentle it can be left on your scalp all-day and even over multiple days between washings. Use daily until desired results are achieved. Thereafter, slowly decrease applications and closely monitor your results. You may be able to gradually reduce your use to once per week. Because it is not greasy, B’IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Herbal Serum is suited for day or nighttime use and can be applied to damp or dry hair. For best results, use in conjunction with B’IOTA   BOTANICALS Herbal Shampoo FOR THINNING-DAMAGED HAIR .